Triennale Design Museum Stories

The Hotel Milano Castello is in a privileged position to easily reach the Triennale of Milan, by foot in 10 minutes or comfortably by public transport within minutes.

From April 14, 2018 to January 20, 2019, the exhibition of Italian Design is held at the Triennale building.
The history and stories of Italian design told through 180 iconic pieces of the twentieth century, 5 thematic focuses - Geography, Communication, Politics, Technology and Economics - and a reading of the contemporary.

A selection of 180 works - most of them coming from the Permanent Collection of the Triennale Design Museum, made between 1902 and 1998 and identified as the most representative of Italian design for their technical-formal innovation, for aesthetics, for experimentation, for the recognition and the success of the public - introduces the issue of what must be the essential pieces on display in a Museum of Design and what can be considered an "icon" and, even if this term is really effective when applied to the design context.

The exhibited materials are organized chronologically in five periods: 1902-1945, 1946-1963, 1964-1972, 1973-1983, 1984-1998. The decision to hold 1998 as the end of the selection, leaving the last twenty years deliberately open, allows historians to analyze the discipline with the correct critical and temporal distance but also intends to underline the great change in parameters that makes it difficult to express itself on a still changing landscape.


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