Piccolo Teatro Grassi – The Red Lion

Hotel Milano Castello is located a few steps away from the theater Piccolo Teatro Grassi.


Patrick Marber's The Red Lion will be staged from 21st October to 1st November 2020.

A relational theater that, between classicism and innovation, explores and dissects the decayed relationships and values ​​of Western civilization.
The protagonist of The Red Lion is football. Three characters on the pitch: with a promising young football player, the coach and the elderly factotum of the small provincial team who, unaware of the boy's problems, try to profit from his skills.

The adaptation of the Neapolitan writer Andrej Longo sets the story in the province of Campania and aims to make the universality of the themes more evident and to cancel the distance that often distorts the perception of Anglo-Saxon texts. Marber invites us, through a cross-generational topic with a strong reception, to reflect on the loss of values ​​that today concerns many other contexts of the contemporary. The simple, symbolic staging enhances the acting performances of an exceptional cast: the young Lorenzo Scalzo and two of the most popular Italian talents, Nello Mascia and Andrea Renzi.



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