Picasso Metamorphosis

Hotel Milano Castello is in a privileged position to reach in a few minutes on foot the Palazzo Reale, where the exhibition dedicated to Picasso is held.

The Picasso Metamorphosis exhibition is dedicated to the multifaceted and fruitful relationship that the Spanish genius has developed, throughout his extraordinary career, with myth and antiquity, he intends to explore for the first time from this particular perspective his intense and complex creative process.

With Picasso Metamorphosis will be the antiquity in its different forms to decline in the mythologies reinvented by Picasso and presented in the six sections of the exhibition with the works of the great artist combined with those of ancient art - ceramics, vases, statues, votive plaques, reliefs, idols , stele - which inspired and deeply influenced him. The exhibition therefore proposes to penetrate the intimate laboratory of a world artist in the light of the ancient sources that inspired the work, but also to unveil the mechanisms of a singular alchemy that places Antiquity at the heart of a modernity that is decisive for the 20th century art.



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