Love and desire

The Hotel Milano Castello is in an excellent position to reach Palazzo Reale in a few minutes on foot.

Love and desire, the exhibition on the Pre-Raphaelites, can be visited at the Palazzo Reale from 19 June to 6 October. At the center of the exhibition are the works, but also the ideas and personal relationships of the pre-Raphaelite circle.

The period in which this artistic trend develops is that of Europe at the end of the 19th century. In '48, in particular, "political and social revolutions that involve almost all nations break out. In England seven students unite to produce an artistic revolution: freeing British painting from conventions and dependence on old masters", the organizers write.

Waiting for the visitors there will be 80 splendid paintings, for the first time in Milan, the result of the new beliefs and revolutionary lifestyle of the women and men of the 'pre-Raphaelite' current. Among the visible works, there are also some iconic canvases that are unlikely to come out of the United Kingdom to be lent, such as the Ophelia of John Everett Millais, The Awakening of Consciousness by William Holman Hunt, Love of April by Arthur Hughes, the Lady of Shalott of John William Waterhouse.

The exhibition itinerary will unfold through six thematic sections, which explore the objectives and ideals of the 'pre-Raphaelite' movement, the styles of the various artists, the importance of the graphic element and the spirit of collaboration that, in the of the applied arts, it was a fundamental element of the movement.


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