Lions Clubs International Convention Milano 2019

The 102nd Annual Lions Clubs International Convention will be held in Milan, Italy, from 5 to 9 July 2019. The Hotel Milano Castello offers an excellent location to be able to move comfortably on foot in the center of Milan.

With pride and with all our heart we say "Welcome Lions of the world" These simple words have been in our minds and in our hearts since March 2014, when Milan was assigned the organization of the 2019 Lions International Convention. Milan is the Italian capital of solidarity and the cradle of Lionism in Italy: the first Italian Lions club was founded in Milan in May 1951, sponsored by the Swiss club "Lugano Host".

The name was "Lions Club Milan", currently Milan Host. Milan is a launching pad for creative projects and a melting pot of ideas. Leonardo da Vinci spent many years of his life here and created absolute masterpieces, such as "the last supper": his raw materials were simply intelligence and light. He was the first humanist engineer and laid the foundations for many innovations. The city has always been an incubator of intelligence: it is said that the modern bank was created here (and in Tuscany) during the Renaissance; the “Alla Scala” opera house, renowned throughout the world as it has seen the birth of the most famous operas, is here.

Those who come to the Convention will be able to live many wonderful experiences, including a parade route that winds through beautiful historic buildings , ending in the splendid Piazza Duomo. At the end of a quote by Leonardo da Vinci "science says it is impossible, physics says it is too heavy, I say: man can fly". Come and enjoy what for a long time will remain an unforgettable experience in a city that expresses a great deal of creativity! Take part in the growing community of the circle of empathy! Come and lay the milestones of the future of solidarity!


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