Identità Golose 2020

The Hotel Milano Castello is located a few minutes by public transport from the MiCo congress center, where the Identità Golose international cooking congress will be held.


The Identità Golose Congress in Milan is the father of every subsequent event in London, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Shanghai. It is the first Italian congress of author's cuisine and was born from the idea of ​​Paolo Marchi.

Since 2005, the congress has grown every year in importance and size: the producers of delicacies exhibiting, the number of lessons and the days multiply. In 14 editions, over 800 chefs, pizza chefs and pastry chefs from more than 20 countries around the world took turns on the stage, and collateral initiatives such as the online guide of Identità Golose Restaurants, Identità Expo, Identità Future, Milano FOOD & WINE Festival. Initiatives that elevate the Identità Milano congress to an indispensable moment for all the actors of Italian and world author gastronomy.



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