East impressions. Art and collecting between Europe and Japan

The Hotel Milano Castello is in an excellent position to reach the Mudec, museum of cultures in just a few minutes.

The MUDEC presents for the autumn of 2019 the «Oriente Mudec» project which will involve all the museum's exhibition spaces and will tell from different points of view, artistic, historical and ethnographic, the reciprocal exchanges between Asia and Europe through time.

The Impressions exhibition of the East. Art and Collectibles between Europe and Japan explores the dynamics of the varied artistic exchanges between Europe and Japan at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The term Japanism summarizes all these aspects and distinguishes the most intense phase of European interest in the world and Japanese culture. The exhibition examines the key themes and currents that animated interest in Japan and Japanism in artistic circles , literary and philosophical. The historical-artistic analysis pays particular attention to the context of commercial relations, entrepreneurial adventures and strong global curiosity characteristic of the era. In the variegated context of international taste for Japan and its influence in the arts, the exhibition focuses on the major Italian and European artists who have been enchanted by Japanism.


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