Canova | Thorvaldsen at Gallerie d’Italia

The Hotel Milano Castello is in a great location to reach Gallerie d'Italia in just a few minutes on foot.


The Canova | Thorvaldsen exhibition. The birth of modern sculpture represents, both for the importance and the beauty of the exhibited works, and for the great scientific relevance, an extraordinary occasion of knowledge of sculpture between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
A period in which this art underwent a decisive transformation thanks to the genius of the Italian Antonio Canova (Possagno 1757 - Venice 1822) and the Danish Bertel Thorvaldsen (Copenhagen 1770 - 1844), protagonists and rivals on the still grandiose scene of a cosmopolitan Rome where they were able to confront the universal values ​​of classicism and antiquity. They were in fact recognized and celebrated as the "modern classics", capable of transforming the very idea of ​​sculpture and its technique, creating immortal masterpieces that have become, also because they are continuously reproduced, loved and popular all over the world.

The prestigious collaboration with the Thorvaldsens Museum in Copenhagen and the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, the contribution of fundamental loans granted by important Italian and foreign museums, but also by exclusive private collections, have made it possible to compare, for the first time in an exhibition , the two artists, following them in their fascinating biographical and creative journey.


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