At Palazzo Reale museum “Journey beyond the darkness. Tutankhamun RealExperience®”

The Hotel Milano Castello is in a strategic position to reach Piazza Duomo and Palazzo Reale in a few minutes on foot.


"Tutankhamun RealExperience" is an immersive experience, to tell a "journey beyond the darkness" of the most famous of the pharaohs and illustrate the conception of the afterlife of the ancient Egyptians.

The archaeological section displays some precious original objects from the Milanese civic collections, the National Archaeological Museum of Florence and some private collections. Of particular importance is the recomposition of the so-called Busca Kit, with the mummy, the sarcophagus and the papyrus and the Statue of the god Amun, with the somatic features of the young Tutankhamun.

Large immersive projections are therefore set up accompanied by original music and an engaging narrative path based on a solid Egyptological system that makes use of the advice of a prestigious scientific committee, chaired by Miroslav Barta and composed by Zahi Hawass, Christian E. Loeben, Liam McNamara and Gabriele Pieke.

The exhibition deals with the theme of the mystery of death and life beyond the world, restoring the complexity and plurality that characterized the Egyptian civilization. It will therefore be possible to find yourself facing an innovative conception of a civilization of which you are wrongly believed to know many aspects and you will be able to discover how much western thought owes it, thanks to the use of two different exhibition languages ​​that tell the story of the journey beyond the darkness of Pharaoh and his subjects.



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